The Wallstreet Trapper is a self taught stock investor. The brand does not offer exact financial advice & is not licensed by the SEC or any other U.S securities & Exchange Commissions. All we do is offer an opinion from our point of view that derives from study & research of our own experiences.

Note that investing in the stock market you are at complete risk of losing your entire investment at anytime, due to the constant fluctuations of the market. From The Trap To Wallstreet not any of its educators can be held accountable for any losses you take from any opinion that you receive from them. You are advised to make stock trades and investments based on your own homework & research.

We encourage the public to never invest off of someone else’s work or so called research.We are a education & motivational forum that discusses general information about public companies. We are not financial advisors nor are we stock brokers. Any results or opinions are generic and are not endorsed by any major firm.

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